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09.03.2019 21:15

Hložek becomes youngest goalscorer in Fortuna:Liga history

16 years, seven months, 15 days. Adam Hložek scored his first Fortuna:Liga goal as Sparta beat Plzeň 4:0. Hložek surpassed Tomáš Pilík’s record of being the youngest goalscorer in the...

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02.03.2019 19:38

Gustavo Garcia in Brazils's Sudamericano U17 squad

Gustavo Garcia Dos Santos has been included in Brazil's final 23-man squad for the South American U-17 Championship. The 17-year-old right back won the CEE Cup 2018 with Palmeiras.

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24.02.2019 12:23

Talent ze Slavie debutoval v Anglii

Deset dnů po osmnáctých narozeninách se dočkal. Jan Žambůrek, který ještě na posledním CEE Cupu hrál za Slavii, koncem února poprvé zasáhl do soutěžního utkání Championship v dresu...

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18.02.2019 19:54

Youtuber revealed his identity. He is a professional footballer!

On youtube, you can find him under nickname Magician and he has around 50k subscribers, waiting for his tips on what game to download to their mobile phones. Until recently, fans didn't know his...

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09.02.2019 19:30

Dominik Plechatý the unexpected hero for Sparta

Let me paint you a picture; you are at the age of 15 and you play for a small club from Prague. At the age of 16, you are registered at one village club and at the age of 17 you suffer from Anterior...

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02.02.2019 10:00

How a small club is aiming to revolutionize Turkish football

Check out the Turkish TV station TRT World's reportage about Altinordu FK, whose U19 achieved the third place at the CEE Cup 2017. The video will guide you through the unique project of a football...

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28.01.2019 13:30

Bayern wants more academy players in the first team. Is it a chance for the CEE Cup Star?

The regional newspaper Abendzeitung reported a list of talents from Bayern Munich, who would soon be able to get into the A-Team. The local newspaper responded to the president Uli Hoenesse's...

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23.01.2019 09:30

Watch out for their kick off! Nitra entertains fans wit goals from the centre spot

Peter Šútorík, one of Nitra's greatest talents and captain of its U19 at the CEE Cup, had a very nice piece which gained the attention of Slovak media. In a match of the highest youth...

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17.01.2019 19:00

A famous footballer leads a successful Academy in the Balkans

A remarkable football project is being developed in Strumica, a Macedonian town of 35,000 inhabitants, but its team could also be seen in Prague at the CEE Cup. We're talking about Pandev Academy,...

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21.12.2018 08:00

The Bosnian striker excited France with a great bicycle kick

Ermedin Demirovič, who finished in the third place at the 2016 CEE Cup with RB Leipzig, attracted attention in the French Ligue 2. In October he was decisive for Sochaux to win the match against...

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17.12.2018 20:00

Spartak Moscow acquired the CEE Cup finalist!

Ayrton Lucas is the new Spartak Moscow reinforcement. The 21-year-old Brazilian left back is a silver medalist from the 2015 CEE Cup, where Fluminense succumbed to the Sparta penalty...

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02.12.2018 14:00

Palmeiras shots against Beşiktaş competing with Sparta striker in the top goal contest

After the group goals, we can now vote for the second phase top goals. Sparta Prague is represented by Václav Bláha (with special thanks to Ondřej Hapal for his clever pass). The other two goals...

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23.11.2018 16:05

Borussia se hlásí do boje o Gordon

Nejlepší hráč a zlatý medailista CEE Cupu 2017, Anthony Gordon, podle britského listu Daily Mail zaujal zástupce Borussie Dortmund. Spolu s vestfálským velkoklubem mají projevovat...

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20.11.2018 08:00

Two Slavia players against an English striker

Slavia footballers Michael Azilinon and Jakub Zeronik were picked into the top goal contest at CEE Cup 2018. While Azilinon scored after a magnificent receiving of the ball, Zeronik finished after a...

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18.11.2018 18:00

Holoubek is one of the main faces of the new Ružomberok

He led Sparta to six editions of the CEE Cup, gaining one bronze, one silver and winning the Cup in the last two, in 2015 and 2016. "Great years: there were great players, I worked very well with...

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13.11.2018 07:45

The Brasilian concert and the Bosnian mark are competing for the Best Goal Award

Caio Cezar and Tomas are in the top goal selection of group A: both scored in the 5:0 victory over Sarajevo. The Bosnians are then represented by their captain Djani Salcin, who scored against Sparta...

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10.11.2018 13:44

Penalties decided the match, Sparta is the derby winner

Two regular participants of the CEE Cup competed in the Prague "S" U19 derby at Sparta's Strahov training center. The first score change happened during the first half by the home...

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08.11.2018 17:00

Slavia is ready for the U19 derby. How are they doing so far?

Just before the start of the season, coach Pavel Trávník had to deal with the departure of the key midfielder Jan Zambůrek, who moved to Brentford in England. Another drawback is that he has the...

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08.11.2018 09:00

The U19 derby is approaching! What is Sparta's condition?

During the season, Sparta's first junior team changed the main coach: after nine played matches Erich Brabec headed to the second-league's Vlašim and was replaced by the U17 team's coach...

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07.11.2018 10:00

Takhle vypadalo derby U19 před pěti lety. Kde působí jeho aktéři dnes?

Jedním z největších zápasů v historii CEE Cupu bylo bezpochyby semifinále z 29. července 2013, v němž se ve strahovském tréninkovém centru utkala domácí Sparta...

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27.10.2018 19:00

The boys "from Prague" are Brazilian champions!

While in July we've seen Anibal, Wesley and Marcus Meloni rejoicing for the triumph at the CEE Cup, now these players achieved another great success. With Palmeiras U20 team they dominated the...

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24.10.2018 21:45

The Zirkzee show: a free kick goal and an assist in the Youth League

Joshua Zirkzee, who shined at the CEE Cup in 2017 with Everton, played a great match in the Youth Champions League. Bayern Munich, where Zirkzee is now playing, defeated AEK Athens 4-0 and the Dutch...

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22.10.2018 12:00

Everton leads the Premier League table

"We've defeated the Premier League leader!" can self-praise Slavia and Sparta's U19 players. In fact, at this year's CEE Cup, in Group B, Slavia defeated Everton 3:1. This...

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18.10.2018 08:00

Romanian talent found a new club. Who won the battle with European giants?

The Sixteen-year-old striker Filip Ilie, who took part in the CEE Cup twice with Bucharest's Academia Sport Team, has already gained an engagement in a league club. The new 'home' of the...

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15.10.2018 18:00

The Welsh stopper is reported to be on the list of Arsenal reinforcements

Everton's central defender Ryan Astley, who took part in this year's edition of the CEE Cup, is beginning to gain the attention of the British media. The Guardian placed him among the Premier...

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10.10.2018 18:00

CEE Cup star chose Azerbaijan and scores in Portugal

The nineteen-year-old Renat Dadashov is experiencing an interesting football life. We've seen him already in the 2016 edition of the CEE Cup, when he was playing for RB Leipzig and scored two...

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09.10.2018 14:00

CEE Cup 2018: Palmeiras and Beşiktaş make most of the Top 11

Both finalists placed three players in the CEE Cup 2018 Top11, while Sparta has one and two are from Slavia. TOP11 CEE Cup 2018 Audenirton Soares Da Silva “Magrao”...

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03.10.2018 10:54

Spartan talent in numbers: what makes Hložek unique?

The sixteen-year-old Adam Hložek has debuted in the Sparta first team. Despite getting in against Slavoj Polná only at the 83rd minute, he still managed to score the final 4:1 and secured...

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01.10.2018 18:00

Through the CEE Cup to the Premier League

It's not been a year since the unsuccessful final in Ďolíček at the 2017 CEE Cup and one of Burnley's talents already had a debut in the Premier League. Although the eighteen-year-old...

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25.09.2018 18:00

From coaching at the CEE Cup to the Bundesliga?

In the summer of 2016, the rich and most renowned in the youth categories RB Leipzig took part in the CEE Cup. While the A-team of the Saxon Club was still active in the second league, the U19 squad...

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24.09.2018 16:30

Debut in the National Team 10 months after the CEE Cup

When Everton played for the first time the CEE Cup in 2017, the team left a really great impression here. They played great football, had great individualities, and except the opening draw with the...

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22.09.2018 13:12

The promising Bosnian is heading from Sarajevo to Sparta!

Sparta acquired a new reinforcement as a central midfielder or stopper. The 18-year-old Bosnian talent Berin Alić, whom we have seen with FK Sarajevo at this year's CEE Cup, will try to break...

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19.09.2018 18:00

The story of a boy aired by the club's TV caught the Turks attention: after three years he plays for Beşiktaş

Two of the players we've seen last July at the CEE Cup just debuted in the A-Team of Beşiktaş Istanbul. The coach Şenol Güneş, who is also known for his work with the Turkish national team,...

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12.09.2018 19:00

The talent from the CEE Cup is in perfect physical shape, made an impressing return from Prague

The 18 years old Slovak talent Peter Šútorík is on of the players who impressed scouts and fans at the last edition of the CEE Cup and he's being successful also in his own championship. After...

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04.09.2018 10:00

In Slavia he didn't express his talent, now he's an European champion

Five years ago, Jiří Sodoma was declared CEE Cup's best player. He reached the final with Slavia, but eventually losing 1:2 against Győr, when the Hungarians scored two goals in the end....

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30.08.2018 18:00

He played in Prague, and now he's the most expensive footballer in Bosnia

The German Transfermarkt portal at the beginning of the season released a new list of the most valuable players in the Bosnian Premier League. If you would like to get a reinforcement from this...

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28.08.2018 18:00

An unusual business. Japanese talent goes to Brazil, 70% of the rights remain to the parent club

The last winners of the CEE Cup have acquired a very interesting reinforcement. The Palmeiras U20 Team is hosting for one year the Japanese talent Daiju Sasaki, along with 30% of the decision-making...

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21.08.2018 17:00

The most useful player: He dribbled like Messi, but he also attacked and defended

Wesley Ribeiro Silva was the CEE Cup 2018 best player. The Brazilian Wing took part in the tournament thanks to an exception: although he was born in 1999 he was not U19 anymore. In Prague he scored...

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14.08.2018 18:30

Championship club attracts Czech talents after having dissolved their youth academy

The media have already covered Matej Majka’s transfer as he parted from Sparta and, concomitantly, the departure of Jan Žambůrek from Slavia. In fact, both of these young talents will be...

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13.08.2018 14:00

Best Scorer: A clever midfielder was in all Sarajevo goals

Dani Salcin, from FK Sarajevo, who scored four goals in four matches, was the best scorer of the eighth edition of the CEE Cup. Salcin was absolutely striking in his team. Wearing the captain's...

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05.08.2018 11:30

Best Goalkeeper: "Gaunt", whose transfer was supposed to repay a debt

The award for the best goalkeeper of the CEE Cup 2018 was assigned to Audenirton Soares Da Silva, known as Magrão, which means "gaunt" in Portuguese. According to, he actually got this...

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31.07.2018 20:00

Palmeiras beats Besiktas in the Final and becomes the first Brazilian team to win the CEE Cup

After the exciting group stages, the two teams who had gone through to the Final were the Brazilians of Palmeiras and the Turks of Besiktas. Based solely on the statistics, the stronger of the two...

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31.07.2018 07:45

Coach of the Miraculous Slavia "Vintage"

The youngsters from 2001 who played in the CEE Cup in the Czech Republic are considered some of the best youths in the Czech Republic in recent years. The man coaching the likes of Zamburka, Eichler,...

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31.07.2018 07:30

Unique Slovakian: We deliver 95% of players, we are delighted with the successful Academy trainer

Nitra is professional and serious in the upbringing of its footballers. Last season, Nitra played in the the Youth League, a Champions League equivalent for youngsters. In addition, Nitra reached the...

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31.07.2018 07:15

Playing is crucial - Karel Poborský encourages the CEE Cup

Another football star who has appeared among the spectators of the CEE Cup is Karel Poborský. The former Manchester United, Benfica Lisboa, Lazio, Slavia and Sparta Praha, and Czech Republic national...

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30.07.2018 15:30

Ranking Games: Slavia missed the Final, but proved its strength in the ranking match against Sarajevo

Still reeling from the burning elimination at the hands of Besiktas, Slavia went up against Sarajevo in the match valid for the 3rd and 4th place. Regardless, the game promised to still be an...

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30.07.2018 15:30

Jan Koller: My job? To watch the CEE Cup to scout out players for the national team

One can see many famous faces of Czech football during the CEE Cup. Of the famous Czech footballers who have made their way to view the matches is Jan Koller. "I like the tournament. It's a...

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30.07.2018 11:00

Ranking Games: Sparta, thanks to Bláha, defeats Everton and finishes fifth in the tournament

Though valid for the 5th and 6th place, the match between Sparta and Everton wasn’t just about that. In fact, it was also a rematch of last year’s, when Everton prevailed over the Czechs...

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28.07.2018 19:30

Day3: Everton defeats Academia Sport Team in their final match of the tournament

The very last match of Group B saw Academia Sport take on Everton. While the English could simply walk away with a tie to preserve their 3rd place, the Romanians needed a win to move on up from the...

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28.07.2018 18:30

Šéf akademie Sparty Hřebík: Nejvíc mě těší, že je o naše hráče zájem

V prosinci oslaví sedmdesáté narozeniny, přesto když mluví o fotbale, jiskří mu v očích jako zamlada. Dvakrát vedl áčko fotbalové Sparty, teď už se několik let plně věnuje...

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28.07.2018 17:30

Day3: An unwillingness to give up and a small dose of good fortune helps Beşiktaş get through to the Final

Perhaps the most interesting match of the final day of the group stage was the one between Slavia and Besiktas, valid for the top spot of Group B and, hence, a ticket for the Final. Having rested...

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28.07.2018 15:00

Day3: Sarajevo prevails over Nitra to take second place in Group A

With the Palmeiras victory over Sparta in the first game of the day, the final match of Group A between Nitra and Sarajevo might have lost most of its luster, but it still held importance as far as...

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28.07.2018 12:15

Day3: Sparta ends up being no match for Palmeiras in the duel for a spot in the Final

Having clawed their way back from a three goal deficit in the previous match, Sparta sent a clear signal to Palmeiras that they were not ready to let go just yet, and thanks to the Brazilians’...

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27.07.2018 19:00

Day2: Beşiktaş and Everton clash ends with a disappointing tie

The final match of the second day of the tournament saw the reigning champions, Everton, go up against the newcomers from Turkey, Beşiktaş. After the stinging defeat in their first match at the...

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27.07.2018 17:00

Day2: Slavia’s reserve team serves up a feast of goals against Academia Sport

In an effort to preserve energy for the following game against Besiktas, Slavia benched its usual starting lineup and instead used most of its reserve players in the match against Academia Sport. The...

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27.07.2018 14:00

Nitra's resolve stops Palmeiras from clinching their spot in the final

Palmeiras came into the second match of Group A against Nitra full of confidence after annihilating Sarajevo in Game 1, whereas the Slovakian ‘underdogs’ merely strived to make a good...

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27.07.2018 12:00

Day2: Sparta’s pride helps them claw their way back from hell

After the heavy defeat at the hands of Palmeiras, the Bosnians surely had much to prove. For Sparta, on the other hand, on the heels of their disappointing goalless tie in the opening match, the only...

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25.07.2018 20:00

Day1: Romanians didn't defend against Beşiktaş

The final match of the day, between Beşiktaş and Academia Sport Team, was perhaps deemed to be the least interesting one. This was due to the apparent disparity between the two teams, where...

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25.07.2018 18:30

Day1: Slavia won a valuable Everton scalp, the winning goal was scored by Bývalec

Slavia went up against last year’s CEE Cup winners, Everton, in the third match of the tournament. For Slavia, after Sparta’s goalless game, it was a chance to shine and make Prague proud....

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25.07.2018 15:00

Day1: Palmeiras outclasses Sarajevo

The second game of the tournament saw Palmeiras pitted against Sarajevo in what promised to be an entertaining match. After Sparta and Nitra failed to score in the first outing, spectators were surely...

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25.07.2018 13:00

Day1: Sparta dropped several chances and the match against Nitra finished without a goal

The opening match of the CEE Cup’s 8th edition between Sparta and FC Nitra got off to a rather slow start. The two teams sparred heavily for most of the first half, but the intense pressing on...

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24.07.2018 21:30

Top talents at the CEE Cup

Scouts of the major football clubs are heading to Prague. Whom will they follow? The CEE Cup will be as usually a show of talanted young players. The participation has been confirmed by scouts from...

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24.07.2018 14:02

Come to the Kids' Football Day with Tomáš Jun

The "Kids' Football Day" will once again be part of the CEE Cup event this year; this time Tomáš Jun will take a role of a trainer. "I like training kids very much, I'm really...

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22.07.2018 20:00

Last year's CEE Cup talent scored for Bayern

Several major European clubs tried to catch him, and at some point it seemed that Everton would eventually get him from Feyenoord. The sixteen years old Joshua Zirkzee came with them to Prague last...

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20.07.2018 16:00

Slavia strengthens with Střihavka and Sparta introduces another Romanian

Both Prague "S" represented by their U19 teams will open the season with CEE Cup tournament participation. According to the first pre-reported line-ups we can foresee some changes in the...

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18.07.2018 18:00

Unique project invites referees from Iceland and Gibraltar

This year's CEE Cup will not only showcast talented footballers from all around the world, but also foreign referees. For the 6th time, the REFEX organization will once again send their referees...

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17.07.2018 18:00

Everton heads to Prague with a solid roster

The preliminary roster for this year's CEE Cup which was presented by Everton's representatives lists the stars of the previous edition. Their MVP for last year's tournament, Anthony...

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16.07.2018 18:00

How to raise a new Džeko? Bosnians will be helped by the "Malay" revolution

Football in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a veritable sea of talented players, but the conditions in which said players can grow are highly unsatisfactory. It is no wonder, then, that more support for the...

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15.07.2018 10:00

Regrettably, the Nigerians will not be participating in the CEE Cup 2018. Instead, a club from Bucharest will take their place

The initially announced participation of Nigeria's Real Sapphire Club in this year's CEE Cup has been canceled. Unfortunately, the players of the football academy in Lagos were unable to...

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14.07.2018 18:00

A great guy from Palmeiras remedies Robinho's failure

During the 2014 World Soccer Championships in Brazil, as a seventeen-year-old boy he painted side-walks in national colours. Four years later, he arrived at the Russian Championship as one of the...

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10.07.2018 18:00

At the CEE Cup, we graduated a new foreign star, well known in Trenčin

The tournament, which attracts the best youth teams from different countries and continents, is certainly an awaited event for talent-seekers. At the CEE Cup it's possible to meet scouts from the most...

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05.07.2018 18:00

Will Sparta win the CEE Cup for the third time?

Country: Czech Republic City: Prague Founded: 1893 Athletic Club Sparta Praha is the most successful club in the Czech Republic and one of the most successful in central Europe, having won the...

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03.07.2018 14:00

FK Sarajevo will participate in the CEE Cup for the seventh time!

Contry: Bosnia and Herzegovina City: Sarajevo Founded: 1946 FK Sarajevo is one of the most prominent members of the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it has won three Bosnian...

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28.06.2018 18:00

Everton, Beşiktaş or Palmeiras. Renowned clubs will start the season with a tournament in Prague

From 25 to 31 July, Prague will host the 8th edition of the CEE Cup, a prestigious tournament for under 19 players. Many young talents will show up in the Czech capital coming from Everton,...

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22.06.2018 11:00

CEE Cup 2018 - Everton wants to win the second CEE Cup title

Country: United Kingdom City: Liverpool Founded: 1878 Everton Football Club, Liverpool's rivals in the Merseyside derby and founding members of The Football League in 1888, have competed in the...

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21.06.2018 06:00

Spartu opouští jedna z největších nadějí

Fotbalisté pražské Sparty vyrazí do boje o třetí triumf na CEE Cupu bez Šimona Gabriela. Důrazný stoper nemá s klubem podepsanou smlouvu a nyní se rozhodl hledat nové angažmá....

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16.06.2018 11:00

Certified Brazilian model: teach the children football without football

Thanks to the CEE Cup, Czech football fans will have the opportunity to see some Brazilian youth football with their own eyes. Fluminense and Ponte Preta have already appeared in the youth tournament...

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12.06.2018 18:00

CEE Cup 2018 - Will Slavia win the CEE Cup for the first time?

Country: Czech Republic City: Prague Founded: 1892 Despite having already participated in the CEE Cup five times, SK Slavia Praha, never won the tournament and got to play the final only once, in...

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07.06.2018 18:00

Sparta's former talent does not surrender: returns to football despite a tumor in his brain

Most clubs guard their best talents, so these things rarely happen. Sparta, however, during the 2014 winter break, “stole” two exceptionally gifted brothers from Zbrojovka Brno: the...

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25.05.2018 18:00

From coaching at the CEE Cup to a startling win over Inter Milan in the UEFA Europa League

Anyone who is up-to-date with Czech football is well aware of his name. However, not so long ago, David Holoubek was only a part-time trainer who filled the rest of his work days as a P.E. teacher at...

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17.05.2018 18:00

Everton youths and hopeful Brazilian are heading to Prague

From the 25th to the 31st of July, young football players from different continents will be showing off their skills at the 8th edition of the CEE Cup. The U19 event will see the participation of...

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25.04.2018 16:00

CEE Cup 2018: For the third time, a 'dash' of Brazil will add an exotic flavour to the competition

Country: Brazil City: São Paulo Founded: 1914 Palmeiras will join Fluminense (2nd in 2015 and 2016) and Ponte Preta (3rd in 2016) in the list of Brazilian teams who took part in the CEE Cup:...

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17.04.2018 17:00

Czech coach, two-time winner of the CEE Cup, now is a star in Iran

Football festival in Iran? That is when the city rivals from Tehran are coming to the front. Persepolis in red jerseys against Esteghlal FC in blue. And on the "Blue" bench since last...

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11.04.2018 14:00

CEE Cup 2018 - Beware! FC Nitra will come back to Prague seeking for success

Country: Slovak Republic City: Nitra Founded: 1909 The 9th place gained in CEE Cup 2017 sure didn't satisfy the expectations of Nitra's Academy managers, players and supporters,...

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03.04.2018 14:00

CEE Cup 2018 - Fearsome Beşiktaş will try its best to win: will they outperform Altinordu last year's third place?

Country: Turkey City: Istanbul Founded: 1903 The 8th edition of the CEE Cup will see the debut of one of the strongest Turkish football clubs, Istanbul's Beşiktaş. Last year, another...

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22.03.2018 16:00


The great moment has come! After several rounds of votes, our community elected the CEE Cup 2017 Best Goal: with more than double preferences than the two other goals, Gormez Berkay's score for...

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07.03.2018 10:00


Which one will be the 2017 tournament's best goal? You decide! Coming out from the previous rounds of votes, here you have the best three goals among which you can choose your favourite and...

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26.02.2018 10:00

[BEST-GOALS] CEE Cup 2017: Second Phase

Last but not least... the top three goals selection from the CEE Cup 2017 Second Phase: Ranking Games, Semifinals & Final. Once again, it won't be easy to choose among these three amazing...

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22.02.2018 10:00

[BEST-GOALS] CEE Cup 2017: Group D

Fourth round of voting for the best goal of the CEE Cup 2017. Find out the top three nominees of Group D: who scored the best one? Follow the contest on Facebook and vote your favourite by simply...

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19.02.2018 10:00

[BEST-GOALS] CEE Cup 2017: Group C

Three more nominees for the best goal of the CEE Cup 2017 are here! This time we present you the top three goals of Group C: 1) Heaven George (Leicester n.8) Leicester-Nitra 1-0 [13'] 2)...

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15.02.2018 10:00

[BEST-GOALS] CEE Cup 2017: Group B

Second round of voting for the best goal of the CEE Cup 2017. Find out the top three nominees of Group B: who scored the best one? Follow the contest on Facebook and vote your favourite by simply...

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08.02.2018 16:00

[BEST-GOALS] CEE Cup 2017: Group A

While already busy preparing the 8th edition of the CEE Cup 2017, let's get back to the emotions of the best goals of last year's tournament and help us choose the best goal! Starting today...

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29.01.2018 14:00

Ellis Simms: the Six Goal Striker

Six was Everton’s magic number throughout the CEE Cup. Six were the goals scored by the English team in the group-deciding match against Győr. Then again, in the semifinal, they sent Sarajevo...

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23.01.2018 14:00

Adam Bruce: The mastermind of Burnley's success

Before the start of the CEE Cup, nobody would have considered Burnley to be a favorite in the competition. Having wound up in the same group as the title defenders of Sparta Praha, the expert...

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19.12.2017 18:00

Join our contest and win a Sony PS4 Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0

Do you want to win these gorgeous headphones? Just follow these steps and get your chance! LIKE the CEE Cup Facebook page; SHARE this post on your profile; LIKE your favourite...

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11.12.2017 00:00

Anthony Gordon: a 16-year-old Prodigy from Mersey River

It may have come as a bit of a surprise to see a 16-year-old, Everton's Anthony Gordon, win the CEE Cup 2017 Best Player Award. However, for those who viewed the tournament, the English youngster...

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26.07.2017 20:30

Everton wins the GENERALI CEE Cup!

Burnley FC – Everton FC 1:3 (0:2) The first half of the all English GENERALI CEE Cup final between Burnley and Everton was dominated by „The Toffees“.   They did not...

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25.07.2017 20:30

Academia Sport Team clinch the 11th place after defeating the Prostars

Academia Sport Team – Prostars FC 4-1 (1-0) The final ranking match of the day, to decide the 11th and 12th place in the tournament, was played between Academia Sport Team and the Canadian...

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25.07.2017 19:45

Nitra beat Györi ETO with four goals and took the 9th place

FC Nitra – Györi ETO FC 4-2 (3-1) At the 6th minute, the Slovak team took the lead after Straňák was fouled inside the box, the reulting penalty scored with ease. At the 25th, Vrabel's...

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25.07.2017 16:30

Altinordu manage to squeeze by Sarajevo to claim the 3rd place in the tournament

Altinordu – Sarajevo 2:1 (1:0) The first half of the match between Altinordu and Sarajevo to decide the 3rd and 4th place immediately got off to a controversial start, when the Turkish team...

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25.07.2017 15:30

Pandev's only loss in the tournament allows the English to claim the 7th place

FC Academy Pandev - Leicester City FC 1-3 (1-2) In the match for the final 7th and 8th place, Leicester defeated Pandev, who lost for the first time in the tournament after having drawn two games...

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25.07.2017 14:30

Sparta defeats Slavia to clinch the 5th place in the tournament

AC Sparta Praha – SK Slavia Praha 3-0 (1-0) The first ranking match of the day, to decide the 5th and 6th place in the tournament, saw two long time Prague rivals, Sparta and Slavia, play...

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24.07.2017 19:00

Everton blazes past Sarajevo on the road to Dolicek

Everton FC – FK Sarajevo 6-0 (3-0) The first half of the second semi-final between Everton and Sarajevo saw only one team on the pitch.   The English took control of the match from...

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24.07.2017 14:30

Altinordu forced to concede defeat after penalty shootouts

Burnley FC – Altinordu FK 1-1 (4-1 pk) The highly anticipated semi-final match between Burnley and Altinordu promised to be an interesting affair. Though the Turkish team appeared to be the...

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22.07.2017 20:30

Altinordu‘s and Slavia’s hard fought battle provided the most thrilling game of the tournament yet

Altinordu FK – FK Slavia Praha 3-1 (2-0) The group stage came to an end today with the final match of Group D. After the unforeseen elimination of Sparta, Slavia was the only team left to...

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22.07.2017 17:30

Sarajevo prevail against Leicester City after an exciting and physical match

FK Sarajevo – Leicester City FC 2-0 (2-0) The first half in the decisive match for Group C between Sarajevo and Leicester City was sure to deliver a lot of excitement, and that it...

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22.07.2017 15:30

Everton put an end to Gyori’s hopes of winning a third CEE Cup with a solid victory

Györi ETO FC – Everton FC 0-6 (0-4) The final match between Gyori and Everton to decide the winner of Group B started with a bang, with the English finding a quick goal after a corner kick...

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22.07.2017 13:30

Sparta takes out its frustration on the Canadian Prostars

Prostars FC – AC Sparta Praha 0-10 (0-3) The final match of Group A between Sparta and Prostars got off to a timid start for both teams, who seemed to be taking each others‘ measure....

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21.07.2017 20:30

Altinordu hand the Romanians another large, bitter defeat

Altinordu FK – Academia Sport Team 6-0 (3-0) The first half got off to an explosive start for the Turkish team, who immediately began applying a lot of pressure on the Romanians and after two...

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21.07.2017 17:30

Sarajevo and Nitra both wake up in the second half to deliver an exciting match

FC Nitra - FK Sarajevo 0-0 The first half between Sarajevo and Nitra offered little-to-no-excitement. Sarajevo appeared to be the better team, perhaps owing to Nitra's players being tired after...

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21.07.2017 15:30

A thrilling tie between the Macedonians and the Hungarians leaves the group wide open

FC Academy Pandev – Győri ETO FC 2-2 (1-0) The match was a very physical one from the start, evidenced by the yellow card awarded to Mucska for a nasty foul at the 3rd minute. Though the...

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21.07.2017 14:30

Burnley blazes past the group stage to the the semi-finals by defeating Prostars FC

Burnley FC - Prostars FC 3:1 (2:1) The first half seemed to take a while to truly take off, with no real chances created by either team for most of it. Burnley gave us the first glimmer of what was...

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20.07.2017 19:45

Slavia Praha destroy Academia Sport in a humiliating defeat

SK Slavia Praha - Academia Sport Team 6-0 (1-0) The second Czech team of the tournament gave the rookie Romanians a lesson in football. Academia Sport’s goalie was tested many times...

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20.07.2017 17:00

Leicester defended their goal and defeated Nitra despite playing one man down

Leicester City FC - FC Nitra 1:0 (1:0) The English team won, after a fierce battle, thanks to well applied pressure at the start of the match. Leicester's captain, George Heaven, scored the...

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20.07.2017 15:00

The Everton strikers and the Macedonians disappoint with a goalless match

Everton FC - FC Academy Pandev 0:0 The clash between Macedonia's Pandev and the team from Liverpool, Everton, ended without goals. Though the English dominated the greater part of the match,...

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20.07.2017 11:45

Sparta missed the chance and Burnley gave them a lesson of umility

AC Sparta Praha – Burnley FC 0:1 As the winners of the last two editions and with the advantage of playing at home, Sparta immediately attempted to take control of the game. The aggressive...

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18.07.2017 00:00

When I was still playing for Sparta, I recall we played the GENERALI CEE Cup with the clear intention of winning the trophy, recalls Pulkrab

Although he is now playing for Liberec, Sparta's pupil Matěj Pulkrab's greatest experiences are tied to the red jersey of Prague's team. Amongst these is the victory in the final of the...

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17.07.2017 00:00

Regrettably, the Nigerians will not be participating in the GENERALI CEE Cup. Instead, a club from Bucharest will take their place

The initially announced participation of Nigeria's Real Sapphire Club in this year's GENERALI CEE Cup has been canceled. Unfortunately, the players of the football academy in Lagos were unable...

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15.07.2017 19:45

Memories of the GENERALI CEE Cup: The tournament is an ideal preparation for a long season, says Turyna

Daniel Turyna was an important element in Sparta's road to the title in 2016 and he now is on loan in Slovakia's Major League Senica team. Before the start of this year's tournament,...

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11.07.2017 00:00

The third English Premier League team to participate is Burnley FC.

The third English Premier League team to participate is Burnley FC. Country: United Kingdom City: Burnley¨   Although Burnley is a relative novice in the English Premier League,...

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04.07.2017 00:00

Turkey's Altinordu FK Club is yet another addition to this year’s growing list of Generali CEE Cup players!

  Turkey's Altinordu FK Club is yet another addition to this year’s growing list of Generali CEE Cup players! Country: Turkey City: Izmir   Altinordu FK is the first Turkish...

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26.06.2017 00:00

FK Sarajevo is playing for the sixth time on Generali Cee cup!

FK Sarajevo is playing for the sixth time on Generali Cee  cup!   City: Sarajevo Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina   The team from Bosnia and Herzegovina will make its...

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15.06.2017 00:00

Real Sapphire is the first Nigerian club to come to Prague! Country: Nigeria City: Lagos   Real Sapphire was founded in 2012 as the Nigerian Football Academy under the patronage of the State...

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05.06.2017 00:00

The winner of last year’s English Premier League is here!

The winner of last year’s English Premier League is here!   City: Leicester Country: Great Britain   The Leicester Foxes will be making their debut in the GENERALI CEE...

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29.05.2017 00:00

“We will win the third edition of the GENERALI CEE Cup!”

Country: Hungaria City: Győr “We will win the third edition of the GENERALI CEE Cup!” The team will travel to Prague with this creed and some of the best young Hungarian talents. As...

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22.05.2017 00:00

Get FC Nitra big success for Slovak footbal?

 Get FC Nitra big success?   Contry: Slovak Republic City: Nitra   Every year at the GENERALI CEE Cup we hoste done club from Slovakia. Also this year won’t be different and...

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09.05.2017 00:00

The stars from Goodison Park (England) are coming to Prague!

Everton FC Country: United Kingdom City: Liverpool The stars from Goodison Park (England) are coming to Prague! The renowned Everton FC will be warmly welcomed to the 2017 edition of the...

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27.04.2017 00:00

Will SK Slavia Praha win the GENERALI CEE Cup for the first time?

Will SK Slavia Praha win the GENERALI CEE Cup for the first time?   Country: Czech Republic City: Prague Yes! Also this year we will enjoy the attendace of SK Slavia Praha, the oldest Czech...

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18.04.2017 00:00

Macedonian Youth Football ? Of course, the Pandev Academy!

Macedonian Youth Football ? Of course,  the Pandev Academy!   Country: Macedonia City: Sturmica     This year is already seven years of its foundation being the first...

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11.04.2017 00:00

Will AC Sparta Praha win the GENERALI CEE Cup for the third time?

Will AC Sparta Praha win the GENERALI CEE Cup for the third time?   Yes, it is the right time to introduce the Teams participating to the GENERALI CEE Cup 2017. Since the tournament is taking...

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19.12.2016 00:00

Contest to be drawn and win Headphones Beats

Contest to be drawn and win Headphones Beats Do you want to win the Beats Headphones ?   1) LIKE page CEE Cup   2) SHARE this post on your profile   3) LIKE one...

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15.12.2016 00:00

Choose the best goal of the tournament!

Choose the best goal of the tournament! Visit our Facebook / Twitter /Instagram and place your vote for the best goal of the GENERALI CEE Cup 2016.

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14.12.2016 00:00

Select the best goal of the tournament – 2nd phase

Select the best goal of the tournament – 2nd phase! Visit our Facebook / Twitter /Instagram and place your vote for the best goal of 2nd phase.

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29.11.2016 00:00

Select the best goal of the tournament – Group D

The nominees for the best goal of the last group of Generali CEE Cup 2016 tournament are here! Visit our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and place your vote for the best goal of group D now!

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21.11.2016 00:00

Select the best goal of the tournament – Group C

The next three nominees for the Top Goal of Generali CEE Cup 2016 tournament contest are here! This time we bring you the Top 3 goals of Group C and you can chose between goals coming from the players...

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11.11.2016 00:00

Select the best goal of the tournament – Group B

Second round of voting for the best goal of Generali CEE Cup 2016 is here! Here are the top three goals of Group B. Visit our Facebook / Twitter / Instagram to place your vote.  When the ballot...

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03.11.2016 00:00

Select the best goal of the tournament – Group A

We are already busy preparing the next, already 7th, edition of Generali CEE Cup 2017. Nevertheless, lets remind ourselves of the best goals of this year’s tournament. Help us chose the best...

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07.10.2016 13:20

Gala evening celebrating the sixth edition of the tournament

The gala evening celebrating the sixth edition of the Generali CEE Cup 2016 tournament took place at the Residency of the Mayor of Prague on Tuesday 4th October 2016. We experienced very warm and...

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14.09.2016 14:35

Gustavo was the best shooter of the 2016 edition of Generali CEE Cup

He was born with a gift from God. At least that's what everyone who watched Gustavo playing for Fluminense must have thought. He scored 6 goals and that made him the best shooter of the 2016...

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06.09.2016 16:30

Rodrigo Ponte Preta's goalkeeper has been voted the best goalkeeper

Ponte Preta's goalkeeper has been voted the best goalkeeper of this year's GENERALI CEE Cup. The Brazilian keeper got an award that pays tribute to the Italian goalkeeping icon Franco Mancini....

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24.08.2016 17:00

Sparta's defender Marian Burda has been voted as the best player of the GENERALI CEE Cup 2016

Sparta's defender Marian Burda has been voted as the best player of the GENERALI CEE Cup 2016. He was a key player of the team from Letna during their title defending journey. This seventeen years...

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27.07.2016 20:00

Final: Sparta overplayed Fluminense and upheld to their title from last year's GENERALI CEE Cup.

The international youth football tournament GENERALI CEE Cup comes to its end after a week long marathon of football matches. We could see players under 19 years of age from 12 teams, 8 countries and...

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26.07.2016 10:55

Sarajevo defeated Pandev, Beijing win

FK Sarajevo and Academy Pandev played for the fifth place in the tournament. Pandev's goal keeper Shpirov made a big mistake in 13th minute and allowed FK Sarajevo to take the lead in the game....

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25.07.2016 17:40

Semifinal: Fluminense defeated RB Leipzig

The second semi-final match saw Brazilian Fluminense stand against RB Leipzig. The game went in very high pace from the very start. The spectators could see many interesting duels. Fluminense's...

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25.07.2016 13:13

Semifinal: Sparta defeated Ponte Preta

Young Sparta footballers made it through the semi-final match. They beat the Brazilian team Ponte Preta and we will see them in the final of GENERALI CEE Cup at the Ďolíček stadium on Wednesday...

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23.07.2016 17:14

Day three: Leipzig defeated Slavia and is in semifinal

Slavia Praha took on RB Leipzig in a match that decides who will go directly to the semi-finals. The German team started off better and Dadashov opened the score in 12th minute of the game. This early...

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23.07.2016 12:00

Day three: Sparta defeated Györ and is in semifinal

Sparta's youth players easily overplayed Hungarian Györi and reached the semi-finals of the GENERALI CEE Cup tournament. If they play against FK Sarajevo or the Brazilian Ponte Preta is yet to be...

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22.07.2016 19:17

Day two: Slavia demolished Trenčín and we saw the first appearance by the Brazilian Ponte Preta

The first afternoon  match was devastating for the Slovakian Trenčín. Slavia won over Trenčín 5:1 and the Slovakian team is going to play for the last places of this year's GENERALI CEE...

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22.07.2016 15:00

Day two: Chinese Beijing surprised a two times champion, Fluminese recorded first win.

The first surprise of this year's tournament happened in the first match of the second day. Chinese Beijing Renhe won over ETO Györ, twice the GENERALI CEE Cup champion. After a very convincing...

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21.07.2016 19:15

First day: Sarajevo took the lead in group D, Leipzig win

AS Trenčín failed to RB Leipzig in the first match of group C of the GEENERALI CEE Cup tournament. The German team directed the whole game and beat the Slovakian club highly 4:1. Sarajevo took the...

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21.07.2016 14:20

First day: Sparta defeated Beijing

In the opening match of the sixth edition of an international U19 football tournament GENERALI CEE Cup Sparta won over Chinese rival Beijing clearly 5: 0. Academy Pandev declassed Prague's...

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13.07.2016 18:30

Club introduction: Beijing Rehne

The Chinese Peking Rehne is the last but not least club to be introduced at this year's youth players' tournament GENERALI CEE Cup. Name: Peking Rehne FC Country: China This Chinese...

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08.07.2016 18:00

Club introduction: Bohemians 1905 - Will the "Kangaroos" make it to the final at their home stadium?

The next club on the list of the 6th GENERALI CEE Cup to be introduced is Bohemians 1905 from Prague. The  kangaroos as they are known have not missed any of the previous five editions of this...

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03.07.2016 20:00

Club introduction: Fluminense

For second time the wonderful Brazilians will take part in this Prague's tournament. Are we going to see  Fluminense players build on their last year's success and try to improve the...

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30.06.2016 11:00

Club introduction: SK Slavia Praha

The red and whites are going to try to improve their reputation after their last year's appearance in GENERALI CEE CUP in which they took 10th place. That was the worst result of this Vrsovice...

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26.06.2016 20:20

GENERALI CEE Cup has found a new partner INSTAT, the company specializes in football statistics

GENERALI CEE Cup has found a new partner for this year's tournament, a Russian company called INSTAT. The company specializes in football statistics which they will examine during every single...

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16.06.2016 17:00

Clubs introduction: ETO Györi - last winner of Generali CEE Cup

Title: ETO Györi Country: Hungary Club’s achievements: Winner of 1st Hungarian league (1962/63, 1981/82, 1982/83,...

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09.06.2016 12:00

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23.05.2016 13:00

Club's introduction: FC Academy Pandev – Could Macedonian players repeat last year's great performances?

Tough Macedonian footballers, who surprised last year's GCC, will also perform in Prague this year.   Name: FC Academy Pandev Country: Macedonia   Six years ago, the unique project...

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20.04.2016 18:00

Březina even played in Europa League after GCC! Fluminense was the best opponent, he says

Březina was one of the best players of Sparta Prague at last year’s of GCC. His career continues in the right way after the event. He even started on the bench against Villareal in Europa...

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15.04.2016 16:40

Clubs introduction: This year’s of GCC could offer double the amount of an attractive Brazilian football, because Ponte Preta is coming!

We could see exciting southamerican type of game in the last year’s of GCC, where players of Fluminense excelled. And in this year’s of GCC we’ll watch even two Brazilian teams -...

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06.04.2016 15:00

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23.03.2016 11:09

Clubs introduction: The fans can look forward to attractive play of slovak club AS Trencin.

Another team at Generali CEE Cup 2016 is AS Trencin. Slovak club, which is characterized by its great offensive football. They will be presented for the third time at the tournament in...

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15.03.2016 15:00

Alex Král - Underdog of the tournament: Generali CEE Cup will show you your qualities.

Organizers have included him into the selection of the biggest stars before the tournament. Unfortunately, SK Slavia Prague's midfielder got heatstroke in the first match and the whole event...

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13.03.2016 15:20

The most beautiful goals at the GCC 2015: Brazilian samba at the end of the match and great Slovak technique

We have witnessed many amazing goals at Generali Cee Cup in 2015. We have selected the Top 10, so far only from 10th to 6th place.   10th place Filip Hasek (AC Sparta Prague) If it would be...

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07.03.2016 09:00

Clubs introduction: FK Sarajevo – Bosniak's offensive game will be to see again

FK Sarajevo is already presented by excellent performances at the tournament. That's why they must attend at this year's GCC. Bosnia and Herzegovina's players dropped out twice already in...

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28.01.2016 18:00

Clubs introduction: AC Sparta Prague wants another title.

Here we go! Another year has passed and it's time to gradually introduce the teams of next year's GCC. And the last winner cannot be missed of course. The first team on GCC 2016 will be Sparta...

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10.01.2016 20:00

GENERALI CEE CUP matches can be compared to the UEFA Youth League matches, says Matej Chalus.

Matej Chalus attracted scouts of Pribram by not only his own performances, but also by his excellent technique. This talented defender already intervened into several matches in the top czech football...

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11.12.2015 11:00


FK Sarajevo showed very attacking play at this year's GENERALI CEE cup. Their style of play finally helped to achieve the fourth place. The best player of the team was Hamza Čatakovič, who...

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21.11.2015 16:00

How are the players are doing after the GCC 2015? Talents rocks! Debut in front of 40,000 people and an important goal for the national team!

This year's GENERALI CEE CUP seems to be very productive, if we're talking about talents. We decided to go in the footsteps of the young stars of this year's GCC and see how they are...

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14.11.2015 11:00

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15.10.2015 14:00

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02.10.2015 15:00

How the teams are doing after Generali Cee Cup 2015? Sparta is doing great, Slavia is struggling.

Are you interested in how the teams are doing after Generali Cee Cup 2015?  In this episode we aranged for you a summery of how Czech teams of the under 19 league are going.   Sparta Praha...

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30.09.2015 14:00

Best moments of GCC 2015: Six goals in half? For FK Sarajevo not a problem

In the our next episode we will take a look at the offensive skills of FK Sarajevo, who like every year belonged to the best teams of the tournament and finished fourth. The team from Bosnia and...

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23.09.2015 19:00

Best Player of GCC Matěj Pulkrab: We want to win everything!

Five goals at the GENERALI CEE Cup and the tournament’s best player award. “I could never do it without my teammates, we have a great group” says the young striker from Sparta, who...

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18.09.2015 19:00

Best moments of GCC 2015: Biggest surprise of the tournament? Macedonian resilience

One of the biggest unknowns of the GENERALI CEE Cup 2015 was the Academy Pandev. Yes, the football youth academy of Goran Pandev, the Macedonian star who went through the top European clubs like Inter...

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12.09.2015 09:00

The best moments of the GCC 2015: How did Sparta win the title

In the new episode of our series that maps the most significant moments of the previous GENERALI CEE Cup we will have a look at AC Sparta Prague and its golden ride to victory. AC Sparta Prague...

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07.09.2015 18:00

The best moments of the GCC 2015: Unforgettable Brazilians

This year’s tournament has offered us many exciting moments that will be remembered not only by the players and fans, but also by the organizing committee. From now on, we will regularly remind...

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20.08.2015 08:00

​Jennerson de Abreu Mendes becomes Francesco Mancini Best Goalkeeper

Without a doubt the best goalkeeper of this year’s GENERALI CEE Cup 2015 was named Jennerson de Abreu Mendes from Brazilian club Fluminense, and received the Francesco Mancini Best Goalkeeper...

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13.08.2015 19:00

VIDEO: Report GENERALI CEE Cup 2015!

This year’s GENERALI CEE Cup was filled with great football games, exhilarating performances and a lots of emotions. Young players showed their best and the fans could enjoy fast-paced diverse...

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13.08.2015 10:00


Hamza Čataković from FK Sarajevo won the Hattrick Top Scorer. Hamza Četakovič, striker of the Bosnian FK Sarajevo has won the Hattrick Top Scorer for the best scorer of the GENERALI CEE Cup...

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07.08.2015 13:00

​Matej Pulkrab of AC Sparta Prague was named the PUMA BEST PLAYER

The PUMA BEST PLAYER AWARD of the GENERALI CEE Cup 2015 went to Matej Pulkrab from AC Sparta Prague. As a captain, Pulkrab has led his team to the Championship title of the tournament and was an...

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29.07.2015 20:00

Sparta Prague wins the GENERALI CEE Cup 2015!

In the 2015 GENERALI CEE Cup Grand Finale squared off Brazilian Fluminense and Sparta Prague. Both teams advanced the final after winning their semifinal games on penalties so there was no clear...

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29.07.2015 07:00

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28.07.2015 14:00

Vasas Kubala Academy finishes 11th over Olympic FC, Hajduk Split wins 5th place over Trencin

Vasas Kubala Academy finishes 11th over Olympic FC Ronaldo Pataki opened the score of the match with a score in the 1st minute and Vasas continued to have more from the game for the rest of the...

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27.07.2015 17:00

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27.07.2015 13:00

Nerve-racking end and penalties have Fluminense advance to the final

The first semifinal match at the Viktoria Zizkov stadium was played between Brazilian Fluminense and Macedonian Pandev Academy. The club from Rio de Janeiro was more active at the beginning, rarely...

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26.07.2015 19:00

Fifth day: Swansea and Slavia win

Vasas - Swansea City 0:2 Goals: 2. Cullen, 47. Liam Edwards The U19 squad of the premier league club Swansea City tried to leave a more positive impression after their last loss against...

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26.07.2015 14:00

Fifth day: Hajduk will play with Trencin for the 5th

Hajduk Split - Wisla Krakow Goals: 28. Kovačevič, 73. Curic, 85. Prugovčki – 76. Rys In the game for a chance to play for the 5th place squared off Hajduk Split and Wisla Krakow....

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24.07.2015 19:30

Third day: Fluminense cameback against Trencin, Wisla beat Slavia

AS Trenčín - Fluminense 1:2 Goals: 23. Kochan – 90. Felipe, 90. Alex In a direct match for the semifinal game squared off Brazilian Fluminense and Slovakian AS Trencin. The first half...

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24.07.2015 14:00

Third day: Bohemians beated Swansea, Sparta is in semifinal

Bohemins 1905 - Swansea The last match of the Group D saw Bohemians 1905 square off against Swansea City, who needed a win to advance to the semifinal of the GENERALI CEE Cup. Prague team started...

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23.07.2015 20:00

Second day: Hajduk dominated Olympic, Sarajevo is in semifinal!

Olympic FC - Hajduk Split 1:8 Goals: 34. Yoona – 3., 45. a 60. Curic, 25., 75. Kovačevič, 36. Ivaniševič, 69. Cerdic, 80. Dedic Croatian Hajduk Split faced in its first game...

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23.07.2015 14:00

Second day: Fluminense dominated Vasas,

Brazilian Fluminense dominated Vasas 5:1!   Traditional club from Rio de Janeiro has started its first GENERALI CEE Cup participation with a clear win. The team led by the member of the...

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22.07.2015 19:30

First day: Pandev defeated Bohemians, Slavia 0-1 FK Sarajevo

Bohemians 1905 - Pandev Academy 0:1 Goals: 50. Kochoski Prague club Bohemians 1905 has hosted Macedonian Pandev Academy for the third match of the tournament. An intense fight between the two...

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22.07.2015 14:00

First day: Sparta defeated Olympic FC, Trenčín 1-1 Vasas

Trenčín could not find a way around great defense of Vasas Last year’s runner up AS Trenčín started the GENERALI CEE Cup 2015 against Hungarian Vasas Kubala Academy. The Slovakian team...

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21.07.2015 13:00

Puma supports GENERALI CEE Cup!

For the 2015 edition of the GENERALI CEE Cup we are proud to annouce our new partner Puma that provided the organization team with equipment and prizes for the best players and teams. All matches of...

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20.07.2015 00:00

Where players will live?

Players and assisting personnel will not spend their time only on the pitches but also in a newly reconstructed and beautifully designed Parkhotel Prague.   This hotel has a long history of...

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17.07.2015 19:00

To GENERALI CEE Cup appears seven times world champion!

Honza Weber is a seven-time world champion and a five-time European champion in footbag, also known as Hackysack. He’s been devoted to this modern sport since 2001 and during his career he...

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16.07.2015 14:00

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14.07.2015 00:00

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13.07.2015 12:00

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10.07.2015 13:00

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09.07.2015 09:00

Club introduction: Fluminense FC - brazilian top team!

Brazilian top team will introduce itself for the first time in international football tournament in Prague. Will players demonstrate their legendary technique?   Name: Fluminense...

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08.07.2015 11:00

5th year of GENERALI CEE Cup knows it’s form!

The anniversary edition of the U19 football tournament, which will take part in Prague on 22nd – 29th July 2015 has been drawn. Elite teams that will participace this year were dividend into 4...

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07.07.2015 13:00

The second episode of our poll for the best goal of 2013 is here!

  If you were excited about the goal actions that were rated from 10th to 6th place, you have a lot to look forward to. We prepared the best goals you could have seen in 2013 GENERALI CEE...

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03.07.2015 11:09

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01.07.2015 10:00

​Club’s introduction: Bohemians 1905 – the last participant of tournamen

The last member of this year’s GENERALI CEE Cup will be Bohemians 1905, which will get involved for the fifth time! Name: Bohemians 1905 Country: Czech Republic Team’s Access:...

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12.06.2015 14:00

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04.06.2015 12:00

Throw-back: What is Jan Boček, the best scorer of GENERALI CEE Cup 2011 doing nowadays?

In the regular column throw-back we will be following footsteps of individually awarded players from previous years. First of them will be the best scorer from the first CEE Cup tournament Jan Boček,...

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01.06.2015 11:38

Brazilian in Czech Republic invites fans to GENERALI CEE Cup: There will be great players, he says!

Brazilian mage with football who plays for Slovan Liberec that’s Marcos Calazans. He spoken to the  GENERALI CEE Cup about how is it in Czech Republic and what is the biggest difference...

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27.05.2015 13:00

Clubs intrudoction: Vasas SC – The club from Budapest won’t be missing for 5 consecutive years!

Will Hungarian club build on his success from previous years? Traditional club of GENERALI CEE Cup tournament will participate this year again.  Name: Vasas Budapešť Country:...

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20.05.2015 00:00

GENERALI CEE Cup is a member of international organization IFTO!

GENERALI CEE Cup is a member of international organization IFTO which brings together several international football tournaments for youth teams.   15 world tournaments are gathered by IFTO....

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18.05.2015 13:00

Club introduction: Swansea City - club from Premier League in Prague!!

Title: Swansea City AFC Country: Wales Achievements of the club: Step up to Premiere League (2010/11)                        ...

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22.04.2015 13:00

Club introduction: FK Sarajevo - traditional participant of the tournament!

Name: FK Sarajevo Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina Achievements of the club: 1x winner of the first league Bosnia and Herzegovina                  ...

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20.04.2015 12:00

Clubs introduction: Olympic FC - first participation of the Australian team at the tournament

Will everyone be surprised by team from land of cangaroos and will this team bring success from Generali CEE Cup back home?     Name: Olympic FC Country: Australia,...

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09.04.2015 11:00

Clubs introduction: Hajduk Split - after three years at the GENERALI CEE Cup

Will the club from Croatia improve its 6th place from 2012 in this year of Generali CEE Cup.   Name: HNK Hajduk Split Country: Croatia Achievements of the club: 6x winner of the first...

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02.04.2015 11:37

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30.03.2015 13:00

GENERALI CEE Cup support UNICEF, which helps Ukraine

GENERALI CEE Cup is a partner of humanitarian organization UNICEF which is also financially supported. Military conflicts in Ukraine harm local society, among other things, raising children. UNICEF...

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23.03.2015 13:00

Clubs introduction: SK Slavia Praha - will red white perform in the GENERALI CEE Cup 2015?

Once already were the players dressed in red and white very close to the title (2013), but lost in the finals with the Hungarian Györ and got for Slavia unpopular second place. Will the team from...

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17.03.2015 12:00

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10.03.2015 12:30

Clubs introduction: FC Academy Pandev - Unique project Macedonian football stars

Unique project: Macedonian football stars will perform in the Czech Republic. Will Football Academy youngsters prove their quality? Name: FC Academy Pandev Country: Macedonia Accomplishments of...

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27.02.2015 12:00

Clubs introduction: AC Sparta Praha - the most successful Czech team, not to be missed at GENERALI CEE Cup

Czech football giant AC Sparta Prague, not to be missed at Generali CEE Cup. Can young team of Sparta prove the same quality as the first league adult team?   Name: AC Sparta...

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18.02.2015 14:30

The 5th Generali CEE Cup is in preparations. What are the best tournament memories of the former Young stars?

The international U19 football tournament will begin July 22nd of July and will finish with the Grand Final a week later on 29th of July in Prague. At the end of the last year the organizing committee...

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16.02.2015 10:12

Clubs introduction: AS Trenčín - finalist, which came incredibly to win in the tournament

The last minute loss at the very end of the Great Final Game was the only negative point in the very successful week at the Generali CEE Cup for AS Trenčín. Will the Slovakian team go all the way...

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14.02.2015 15:00

Announcement of the first clubs: Prague arrives Brazilian Fulminense!

Organizers of the international football tournament for the best youth teams (under 19 years) from Central and Eastern Europe, known as the "CEE Cup", announced today the date of the jubilee...

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